Woman Trashes Young Boy's Memorial Because There's Been 'Enough Mourning'

memorial sammy cohen ecksteinWhen 12-year-old Sammy Cohen Eckstein ran into the street to fetch a ball he was playing with, he was struck by a van and killed. It goes without saying, this is a complete and utter tragedy. Sammy's parents and sister are heartbroken over his untimely death in October, and their community in Park Slope, Brooklyn rallied to support them by building a memorial filled with teddy bears, letters, photos, and candles, near where the young boy was killed. Of course, it won't bring Sammy back, but it's a sweet gesture, and Sammy's family seemed to appreciate it.

One woman grew tired of the memorial, though. So tired, in fact, that she took it upon herself to completely dismantle it, cutting down all the mementos one-by-one. And when another resident saw what she was doing, the woman said that there'd been "enough mourning" and "grieving time is over".


According to reports, the woman showed up at the site of the memorial with a scissor and large shopping bag to put the mementos in. A friend of the Cohen Ecksteins happened to be passing by while she was taking the trinkets down, and threatened to call the police. The woman told her to go right ahead and that she'd "sit on the bench, waiting for them," which she did. A witness said, "The police arrived in less than 3 minutes and the two officers looked incredulous when we told them what she had done. Since she was holding scissors and didn’t seem quite right, I felt it best to leave the rest in the hands of the police. Unfortunately I later saw her emerging from the park at the Grand Army entrance."

When Sammy's mother got wind of what had happened, she said, "I cried inconsolably when I heard but I have no more information." Could you imagine learning that some destroyed a memorial for your child? That they felt there'd been "enough mourning" and "grieving time was over"? Grieving time will never be over for the Ecksteins, and their family and friends. There will never be enough mourning. I don't think dedicating a small corner of a park to a young boy is asking much. And, in some small way, it probably helps the Eckstein Cohens, knowing there's a tiny area of Brooklyn that's "his."

Since the incident, friends have replaced the missing items at Cohen's son's memorial. And hopefully they'll stay there for as long as Sammy's family sees fit.

RIP, Sammy.

Do you think this woman was wrong to take down the memorial?

Image via bklynspoke/Instagram

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