Disturbing New Findings Show Adam Lanza's Interest in Pedophilia

adam lanzaDisturbing new evidence has come to light about Adam Lanza. According to a State Police report on the Newtown shooting that was released last month, Lanza kept documents on his hard drive that suggest an interest in pedophilia. Among these files was a screenplay, Lovebound, that describes the relationship between a 30-year-old man and a 10-year-old boy. There are also documents that show Lanza's support of "pedophiles' rights and the liberation of children." It's also come to light that Lanza had told a friend that pedophilia was "a disease that needed to be treated and not looked at as evil."


Additionally, Lanza appeared in a now-defunct online forum, "Shocked and Beyond," which was centered around on mass shootings after Columbine, under the name Smiggles. He posted that children are duped by "culturapists" and "carried to other worlds in the stream of semen." Another poster responded to Lanza's post with the message, "Doesn’t anybody else notice that Smiggles sometimes sends huge 'I AM A PEDOPHILE' signals?"

There is still no definitive evidence that shows Lanza was a pedophile, but the findings certainly suggest a serious internal conflict he had prior to the Sandy Hook massacre. "Certainly, there isn't enough evidence to come to a firm conclusion," said Dr. Fred Berlin, director of the sexual behaviors consultation unit at Johns Hopkins University, "but it sounds like he was conflicted about these issues. It's possible he had an attraction (to children) or he knew people who had them and he was trying to sort it out. But it's still a long way from explaining what he did."

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