Man Posts His Rape Plans on Facebook & No One Stops Him

handcuffsBefore Ronald James Boyd sexually assaulted a female friend of his, he did something strange: He posted about his plan on Facebook. Boyd was arrested and convicted after a victim woke up while she was being sexually assaulted by him and reported him to the police. According to reports, Boyd invited the woman to his house to drink alcohol and play games, and after she passed out, he raped her. A key piece of evidence that aided in Boyd being convicted was a Facebook post he had written and then deleted. Prosecutors were able to copy and save the post before he removed it from the social networking site.

Odd, right? Did he want to get caught? Or did he think he was invincible?


I'm not sure if we'll ever find out the answer to this bizarre mystery, but the good news -- and only good news -- to come from this horrific story is the fact that a judge gave Boyd a sentence above the high end of state guidelines. Boyd was sentenced to 50 years in prison with 30 years suspended, leaving 20 years to be served. The recommended maximum sentence was 17 years and 1 day. Glad the judge sentenced Boyd with what he thought was an appropriate sentence and not just what was the norm. It's far too common these days to see people who've committed horrific crimes get off too easy. (Steubenville, anyone?)

Essentially, Boyd wound up being the architect of his own demise -- in more ways than one. Hopefully, he would have gotten caught, regardless of his Facebook post, but there's something weirdly satisfying in knowing that it was a key piece of evidence in getting him locked up.

Good riddance.

Why do you think Boyd posted about intentions on Facebook?


Image via Ocean/Corbis

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