3 Dead After Gunman Terrorizes an Indiana Grocery Store Late in the Night

grocery store shootingA 44-year-old woman shopper, a 20-year-old supermarket employee, and the gunman are all dead after a horrific shooting Wednesday evening at an Indiana supermarket. The entire thing happened around 10 p.m. -- typically a quiet time to shop. Now there are three people dead, and while police haven't released the motive, the town is obviously reeling.

Of course, this isn't even close to the first tragedy of its kind this week. Shootings are sadly becoming the norm. The Martin's Super Market shooting comes on the heels of the horrible school shooting in New Mexico and the shooting death of a young father for texting during a movie in Florida. When does it end?


The motive for this shooting isn't yet known and it's entirely possible it was a domestic dispute. Does that make it any better? The gunman also was found with a knife on his body, though reports say he hadn't used it. Would a knife have been better? I know "guns don't kill people," but a knife attack is much, much easier to survive or at least fight off.

Something needs to change, and sadly, there is no indication that anything will. If 20 first graders being gunned down in their classroom did nothing to change the gun culture in this country, then what will?

Shootings are the norm. They are so normal, in fact, that seeing that only three were killed in this grocery store shooting was almost a relief. Three is better than 26, right? The shot gun used in the New Mexico school shooting is better than the assault weapons used in Newtown. We start justifying the shootings and weighing what's worse. Older people are better to be shot than younger and domestic disputes are easier to hear about than random killings.

It's a pretty sad state and my heart goes out to the victims in this case. Each of the two innocent victims had families who loved them and people whose lives have been destroyed. It needs to stop. Things like this need to not happen. But they will happen anyway.

Have you become jaded to all these shootings?


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