Woman Rescued After 6 Months in Captivity Thanks to Facebook Plea

captiveIn the unfortunate event that you find yourself being stalked, harassed, or abused, an order of protection or a restraining order is designed to protect you from the person intent on making you their victim. Unfortunately, as Sheena Herschbach found out, they don't always work. In fact, in the case of Herschbach and her ex-boyfriend, convicted criminal Jason Edward Greniger, the law fails utterly.

Greniger was recently arrested. The charge: Herschbach alleges that he had kidnapped her and held her hostage in a local hotel for months. Eventually, he released her so that she could go buy him beer, but said that if she went to the police, he'd kill her. It's unbelievable that this woman was seeing people every day and too paralyzed with fear to get help. It breaks my heart.


It took Herschbach over six months to reach a point where she felt she could get to the police and escape with her life. Even then -- she only felt safe reaching out for help ... on Facebook! Luckily her pleas were heard.

Greniger could now face up to 15 years in prison. If you ask me, this isn't close to being long enough. He wasn't stopped by the legal system before, what's going to make this time any different? I hope he is locked up and kept from contacting her -- no matter what.

Not only had his ex-girlfriend and alleged victim filed for protection from him, but Greniger was also under "strict probation" for a prior conviction. Um, apparently it wasn't strict enough. How could a guy being watched like a hawk manage to abduct a woman and hold her against her will? It's truly terrifying to contemplate. Worse still, it makes you feel the abject hopelessness that victims of domestic violence describe feeling when trapped in relationships. Here's hoping that one day Hershbach can recover and find peace for herself.

How much responsibility for Hershbach's ordeal do you think the legal system has?


Image via Nevada Police Department

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