'Register Rage' Drives Man to Assault Cheater in Express Checkout Line

There are so many annoying things about grocery stores. Where's the pasta sauce? Why is it in the pet food aisle?! Those couponers who get in front of you in line. Oh, and then there's the most annoying encounter of all ... when someone gets in the express checkout line with more than the allotted amount of items. Can I just say? I do this all the time. And I'm totally glad I didn't do it at the Florida Walmart where 77-year-old William Golladay was shopping, because he totally takes his express checkout item limit seriously!


William Golladay reportedly had a fit of "register rage" after he spotted 65-year-old John L. Malherbe, who is confined to a motorized wheelchair, apparently put more than the maximum 20 items on the counter to be rung up in the express lane.

Golladay got into an argument with him about it and allegedly ended up ramming the express lane cheater with his cart, injuring the man's elbow. Golladay was reportedly escorted out of the store, but then came back in with both fists raised, intending to take on the express cheater. Big man, taking on a guy in a wheelchair.

This time he was arrested.

I've seen tons of people go through the express checkout lane with more items than allotted, and yeah, it's a bit annoying, but the truth is, I do it myself! I'll tell you why. I usually have a bunch of little items -- cans of cat food, say, or tomatoes I don't put into a bag. Then those things bring you over the maximum; however, I consider them one thing. And if I didn't, I'd be back in the lines with families who are buying an army's worth of food, when I only have a few things over the max.

So I just do it. And no one stops me. If cashiers enforced this, I wouldn't do it, because I hate being reprimanded and like to follow the rules. But until that happens, I'm that person Golladay would attack. Ack!

Have you ever gone over the express line limit?


Image via Punta Gorda, Florida Police

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