Man Arrested for Trying to Buy 10-Year-Old Girl He Can ‘Train to Please’ Him

The amount of depravity out there on the Internet can be truly sickening. Thank goodness cops are often out there catching these people who want to take advantage of children by pretending to be them. A man was arrested in Ohio for attempting to buy a 10-year-old girl that he could "train to please" him. He wanted to pay $400 for her.


The man, Robert W. Thomas, allegedly put an ad online looking to purchase a girl between 5 and 8 years old whom he could keep permanently and train to "please" him. For whatever reason, he decided to go with a 10-year-old that was offered to him and allegedly met up with people willing to give him a girl he could "marry."

He reportedly showed up at a meeting to get the girl and came with $400 cash. He handed over the money and then went to a vehicle to get what he thought would be his little sex slave. Instead, he was apprehended.

Cops then raided his home, finding sexual paraphernalia, guns, and a rifle with a grenade launcher on it.

It makes you shudder to think what would have happened if Thomas had gotten ahold of a real girl. And it also makes you shudder to think that somewhere out there, I'm sure someone has gotten ahold of a real girl. There's no way police can be behind every single one of these sick ads.

The Internet has made it easier for disturbed people like this to try and get what they want, but the Internet has also made it easier for cops to thwart it.

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Disgusting all around. Thomas is being held on $2 million bond.

The horrid selfishness of someone like this, who allegedly only cared about a young girl "pleasing" him, is just mind-boggling.

Does this kind of thing make you nervous about letting your kids online?


Image via Stark County Sheriff's Office

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