Cancer-Stricken Girl's Pug Puppy Stolen by Woman Who Clearly Has No Heart

pugNot that you need more proof of how despicable fellow human beings can be ... but here it is.

The greatest wish of a little 7-year-old girl with leukemia was that she get a pug for Christmas. A woman (and cancer survivor) Shawna Hamon heard about the child and decided to fulfill her dream. She purchased the pup and then asked a friend to deliver it. That's when this good deed went horribly wrong.


Instead of delivering the dog to Sacramento by Christmas like she was supposed to, she kept it for herself. After Hamon reported the theft, police got a search warrant for the woman's home but did not find the pug. But after searching another residence they believed was being used as a hiding place, they found the missing dog. The cute little guy was returned to Hamon, who plans to make the delivery herself this time.

Hamon knows firsthand how important a gift like this is to a sick girl. She credits her own pugs for bringing her out of depression and helping lift her spirits when she was sick.

It's just really unbelievable that this woman would do this, especially considering that dog was for a child. I suppose one way to look at it is that this is a testament to how wonderful dogs are. Perhaps the thief quickly bonded with it and couldn't imagine giving it away. Who knows what she is going through in her personal life and this adorable little dog may have helped make her feel better. Of course, that is all conjecture. If we just pay attention to the facts, this person is pretty heartless. Stealing from a child is disgusting. Stealing from a sick child makes you among the lowest people around.


What kind of punishment do you think the thief should face?

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