Baby Wins Preemie Battle But Loses Life to Hands of Father

Shane Walls only lived 120 days, most of that in the hospital. First, he battled back from being a preemie. Then, when he was finally sent home to begin his life, his real battle began. And tragically that was one he couldn't win. Little Shane was brutally beaten by his father until he breathed no more. His autopsy showed signs of broken ribs and cranial bleeding, that told of his history of being ruthlessly shaken.


Shane's father, Cory Daniel Walls, has been convicted of involuntary manslaughter and felony child abuse in the death of Shane. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

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Shane was born a preemie and spent his first weeks of life in the hospital since he was so underweight. Sadly, he would have been better off if he had stayed there.

Pictures of Shane and his parents show Cory and his girlfriend, whose whereabouts are unknown, lovingly holding their little boy shortly after he was born. There is no sign of his hell to come.

That's how photos can be. They can truly capture the soul and spirit. And they can also capture none of it. For nothing in these photos show that Cory would kill his son. He looks at his son like he's a miracle. The pictures make you go "Aww;" they make you think how lucky the whole family was. It's a brutal lesson on never reading too much into photos. For none of Cory's friends or family could have possibly looked at them and thought how little time Shane would have left.

Cory was reportedly addicted to painkillers. And he also clearly could not care for a child.

If only anyone could have read into those photos and saved Shane. But no one could.

Do you ever wonder if photos tell the whole story?


Image via Police

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