Woman Stabbed for Bringing Boyfriend Lunch He Wasn't in the Mood for

pizzaIf you were really in the mood for a chicken sandwich, and you asked your significant other to pick you up a chicken sandwich, it probably be kind of a bummer if they came home with pizza instead. But, being the sane person that you are, you'd probably wind up just eating the pizza, forgiving your sig oth (maybe even thanking them for bringing you food!), and get on with your life, right?

That's not how Michael Corsey rolls.

Corsey was so pissed after his girlfriend came home with pizza instead of the chicken sammy he had a hankering for that he allegedly stabbed her. Like, with a knife. Again, because she brought home pizza. Is anyone else finding this as bat shit crazy as I am?!


Corsey's girfriend is thankfully fine, but in addition to the stabbing, cops say she was choked and hit in the face. Now, I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that, if this proves to be true, this likely isn't the first time Corsey's laid a hand on his girlfriend. Could you imagine living with someone like this? Someone who would stab you for something so insignificant? Christ, it must have been terrifying for that poor woman.

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If convicted, I think this man needs to spend some time in jail, so he gets the message that it's not okay to knife someone because they didn't bring you the correct lunch order. And more than that, I think Corsey needs counseling/anger management. This dude clearly has serious issues he needs to work through. If he freaked out like this over pizza, I hate to imagine what he's like in a traffic jam.

What do you think an appropriate punishment would be for Corsey?


Image via Luca Nebuloni/Flickr

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