Weight-Lifting Grandmother of 6 Gives Purse Snatcher Surprise of His Life (VIDEO)

Grandmother of six Shirley Rupp is no ordinary grandmother. At 64, she looks a couple of decades younger. And her regular workouts have given her the stamina, speed, and strength of someone much younger than her age. All of that came in handy recently as the blond grandma came out of a Subway restaurant in Tuscon, Arizona. She spotted a man who looked like he might be homeless and thought about offering him a sandwich. But his "mean" expression made her think twice about it. She passed him by and then suddenly, without warning, he was right behind her and making a lunge for her purse. But he picked the wrong grandma.


Shirley, not feeling him grab her purse but feeling he was way too close to her, suddenly whirled around and grabbed him by the hoodie. She then realized he had her purse and began wrestling with him for it. While Shirley says she then thinks the man trips, it looks from the video like she pushes him down. They tussle and her purse goes flying.

Video surveillance footage captures the entire astonishing scene, as Shirley takes on the thief, at one point even appearing to jump on his back. He ends up running off, with Shirley in hot pursuit. Unfortunately, her choice of shoe wear that day slowed her down. She told ABC News:

Now I am a pretty fast runner for a little distance, but I had on flip flops.

The man hopped into a car and took off. Apparently he wasn't that destitute if he had a car -- but who knows it it was really his. The robber didn't get away with any of Shirley's property. But he got away with his life and that should be enough for him. Maybe next time he won't pick a grandma in a pink workout suit.

Shirley credits her workout regime with her ability to fight off her attacker, saying she regularly lifts free weights and does cardio on an elliptical machine. Her gym is in the same building as the attempted mugging.

Shirley is aware that she was lucky -- the attacker could have had a gun or a knife -- but luckily it was just him and her and she came out the winner. Guy is lucky he got off as easy as he did.

Makes you want to get to the gym, doesn't it? Check out Shirley taking down her mugger:


Do you work out?


Image via ABC News

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