Amanda Knox Puts Authorities on High Alert With Latest Statement (VIDEO)

Amanda Knox You'd think that by now Amanda Knox would know to think things through before she speaks. Knox, who was acquitted of the 2007 murder of fellow student Meredith Kercher, doesn't seem to have any problem saying exactly what she thinks. This could really hurt her, especially since she and her former boyfriend Rafaelle Sollecito are being retried in Italian court for the murder.

While Sollecito is present for the trial, Knox came immediately back to the states following her acquittal. She's been here, going to school, and putting her life back together, ever since. When an Italian newspaper contacted her to get her take on the new trial, Amanda revealed something sure to shock those following the case. 


Amanda said that if she was found guilty in this second trial, she had no intention of returning to Italy. In fact, she went a step further and proclaimed that she would be "a fugitive". The word choice is unfortunate in the extreme. When you hear "fugitive" you associate it with someone who is on the run from the law. You don't think of someone who has been wrongly accused of a crime -- unless you're thinking of the T.V. series. 

The best case scenario, the comment makes Amanda look immature -- something that's been a problem for her since her first arrest in 2007. It's also a bit callous, making it seem like to her this is all one big game. With her name in headlines so often, it's easy to forget that a family lost someone they loved in Meredith Kercher, regardless of any involvement on Knox's part.

I don't think Amanda is guilty, and I absolutely get why she would tell the paper what she did. She's been through so much, the idea of having to be pulled back into that nightmare must be unthinkable to her. But this comment was just dumb -- I mean, way to get to the Italian authorities cracking to get you extradited, dude. To Knox's credit she clarified her initial statement, saying that "legally" she'd be a fugitive, though she'd continue to defend her innocence. I think Amanda would be better off just saying two words: No comment. 

What do you think Amanda should do if she's found guilty?


Image via AlwaysSuperFast/Youtube

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