Babysitter Accused of Torturing & Killing Boy Said She Was Trying 'To Control' Him

This isn't an easy story to read. Four-year-old Myls Dobson was found dead in a New York City apartment and his babysitter/father's girlfriend is being charged with fatally beating and torturing this poor angel. Every detail of this report is incredibly heartbreaking because it reveals a child who fell through the cracks in a major way and was abandoned by everyone he should have been able to trust. Ashlee Dobson, Myls' mom, lost custody of her child after officials from the Administration for Children's Services had him removed from her home because they determined she was neglecting him. He was then placed with his father, Okee Wade, who was recently arrested and charged with conspiracy and money laundering. Instead of relying on the help of relatives, Wade called on his girlfriend to care for his son. And that's when this child's nightmare hit a crescendo. 


Kryzie King, a transgender woman whose real name is Janaie Jones, had reportedly been dating Wade for only a short time when he made the call to entrust her with his son's life. This sounds like an absolutely insane decision, considering how the man had other relatives who say they were willing to take the boy in. His relatives claim they've never even met Kryzie. How much could she have cared for Myls when she barely knew him?

Still, no one but a monster would have done the things Kryzie did to this innocent child. She allegedly beat him with a hanger and used a belt buckle to hit him on the head in order to control him because he had been "acting up." Seriously? Does it take a degree in child psychology to expect a child who has been abandoned by both of his parents to not "act up?" 

Kryzie also reportedly banged the boy's head against a wall, knocked out his tooth, and locked him in the bathroom on occasion. After Kryzie called 911 on the day Myls died, paramedics found the child unconscious in the bathroom with cigarette burns and bruises covering his body.

Why on earth wasn't ACS more involved with placing Myls in a suitable home after his father was imprisoned? Why was that decision left up to his dad? With hope, this child will now be able to rest in peace and, assuming she is found guilty in court, the person who had promised to take care of him will be punished accordingly for these horrific acts.

What are your thoughts on this horrible crime?


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