Mom Admits to Poisoning Kids So Ex Wouldn't Get Custody

connie villaAround Christmastime, we sadly all heard the story of Connie Villa, the Arizona mother accused of poisoning her four children, including a teenage daughter who sadly wound up dying. But until now, the motive for Villa's alleged actions was unclear. Was it simply a case of an unwell woman who snapped? The combination of being sick and the stress of the holidays? What made her do this? Why on earth would anyone do something so sick to their innocent children?

Well, almost three weeks after the crime, a possible motive has surfaced. According to police, Villa may have poisoned her children so her ex-husband wouldn't get custody.


Villa is currently being held in the Pinal County Jail, and she's being charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping, attempted first-degree murder, and child abuse. She reportedly told authorities that she suffocated her 13-year-old when the teen refused to take the prescription narcotics she was doling out. And I, like many people, are wondering: How the hell did this woman have custody in the first place?

It's terrifying to think that four children, ages 3 to 13, were in the care of this woman, if the accusations wind up being true. And it's even more terrifying to think that this was her way of trying to retain custody of these poor kids. Clearly Villa isn't well. And clearly these kids need to be in the care of someone else. But it's tragic that this is how everything had to come to a head -- at the expense of her poor children. A child lost her life because of issues Villa had with her ex. It's inexcusable. 

I honestly don't even know what a suitable punishment would be for this woman, if convicted. She definitely has issues. But that doesn't mean she should get off easy. No person should get off easy when they try to kill four kids and succeed at killing one. Disgusting.

What do you think a suitable punishment for Villa would be?


Image via Pinal County Jail

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