Mom Keeps Starving 10-Year-Old Daughter Locked in Abominable Closet

In case you ever think you're being a bit too "nosy" with your neighbors, this story might make you rethink your attitude. A vigilant neighbor, concerned for a child's welfare, called cops who investigated and found that a mother had been keeping her 10-year-old daughter in a locked closet that was filled with feces and urine. The mother, Jacole N. Prince, pleaded guilty to the despicable crime.


The girl, who is identified only by the initials L.P., was found after cops raided the home in Kansas City, Missouri. The little girl reportedly weighed only 32 pounds and was wearing toddler clothes, which she barely filled out.

It later came out that she had not been fed for days and had not attended school since kindergarten. In six years, she had only put on six pounds. She also had multiple skin injuries.

Shockingly, she had two half-sisters, who were reportedly not abused or mistreated. Ugh, why do these psychos always seem to choose one child to take out everything on? Not only is the physical abuse unbearably tragic, but the psychological abuse -- being the one child who is abused -- is horrific.

But all three children were taken away from this so-called mother.

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A boyfriend, Marcus Benson, was arrested too, but he claims he only visited occasionally and had no idea there was a third child kept in the closet. He is in prison already for violating terms of his probation. No loss there.

Hopefully the mom, who faces up to 20 years, will soon join him. And hopefully this little girl will get her happy ending, just like the little girl now named Georgia, who spent two years in a closet before being saved and adopted into a loving home.

Thank goodness for the anonymous neighbor tipster who saved this child.

Have you ever reported anyone for child abuse?

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