Escaped Prisoner Driven to Do the Unthinkable During Polar Vortex

ice ice babyThis polar vortex has folks across the country gasping in the extreme cold. Even those of us from chilly places don't have to contend with single or negative degree weather usually. It's the kind of cold that's so jarring, you swear you can feel it inside with the heat blasting. It's the kind of cold that makes you cancel all your plans in favor of sitting inside and weeping while eating a vat of soup.

It's also the kind of cold that makes people do exceptionally stupid things. Like see what happens if they pee out of doors, or lick a flagpole (answer to both of those: nothing good). But one inmate in a Kentucky jail went a step further in stupidity, and the weather is absolutely to blame.


Robert Vick, age 42, has been serving time for burglary and criminal possession of a forged instrument. He was due to spend six years behind bars for the charges of which he was found guilty. But now it looks like it's going to be a whole lot longer.

Because Vick went all Great Escape on his jailers (except for that he is not an American Prisoner of War fleeing Nazis, but rather a convict)! He busted out of the minimum-security prison where he was being held and made a run for it. He didn't get very far.

When night fell and temperatures hit the single digits, Vick walked into a local motel and asked them to call the police. Yeah. That's right. Vick turned himself back in because it was too damn cold to play Fugitive. By the time he gave up, the wind-chill alone was making it feel like it was minus 20! Vick was checked out by docs and sent back to the clink where he'll have all winter and then some to think about his bumbling breakout.

Do you think he should get time removed for at least turning himself back in?


Image via Smab Sputzer/Flickr

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