Teenage Girl at Center of Horrible Rape Case Attempts Suicide for the Third Time

MAryville rape caseDaisy Coleman, the Missouri teenager at the center of a horrible rape case, has attempted suicide again. It's the third time Coleman has attempted suicide since the alleged rape back in January 2012 and is just one more heartbreaking step in the Maryville rape case that has the whole country -- rightfully -- up in arms.

Coleman is an incredibly brave and beautiful 17-year-old girl whose life was destroyed at the age of 14 by the two boys who she accuses of raping both her and her 13-year-old friend in Maryville, Missouri two years ago. The two accused 17-year-old high school football players allegedly left Coleman out in the cold like a piece of trash, leaving her with frostbite and unable to move.


Her mother found her in the morning and took her to the hospital for the cold, which is how she discovered the assault. It couldn't get worse, right? But it did. Coleman and her friend Paige Parkhurst were told they didn't have a case (though the prosecution claims they weren't cooperating), and the bullying at Coleman's school forced the pretty cheerleader and her family out of their home.

The case became national news when the hactivist group Anonymous -- the same group that exposed Steubenville -- took up Coleman’s cause last October after a Kansas City Star piece revealed all the details of the case so far.

And thank God they did. Can you imagine what might have happened without them? Why should these boys get away with this just because of who their families are?

It's an absolute tragedy.

What is even worse is that the bullying never seems to end. I don't know anyone so evil in my life to bully a young, victimized girl, but apparently, there are plenty of them. This little girl feels so worthless that she has now attempted suicide three times. It would be easy to say that she is brave and strong -- because she is. And that she is beautiful as well -- because she is. Those facts don't change the reality of this poor girl's feelings and my heart goes out to her.

Obviously we can't say these boys are guilty until they are proven so in a court of law, but Coleman at least deserves her day in court. As Coleman's mother says:

Where is anonymous now? My daughter has been terrorized to the point she tried to kill herself last night. She may never be ok. Where are you and your super hacking skills and internet help now ... we really need them.

When Anonymous comes onto cases like this, it's great in many ways. They get exposure. Millions of people come to the victim's defense. But they also go away after a while. In this case, maybe Anonymous needs to stay on them in order to make a difference. The more we talk about it, the more likely there is to be justice. Poor Daisy deserves at least the chance to be heard and to stand up for herself, right?

Here is more background on the case:

If you or someone you know is thinking of suicide, please get help. Call 1-800-273-8255 (TALK).

Do you think Daisy will get justice?

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