Scandalous Ex-Teacher Mary Kay Letourneau Back in Jail & We're Not Surprised

Mary Kay LetourneauHere's a name you probably haven't heard in awhile. Mary Kay Letourneau. 'Memba her? The teacher who had raped her (gag) sixth grade student, went to prison, got out, and ended up marrying him and having two of his babies? She's baaaaack!

Back in a courtroom that is. The former sixth grade teacher turned convicted child rapist turned wife of Vili Fualaau was arrested earlier this week.


The way the story goes, Letourneau was pulled over by a cop in January 2013 for expired license tags when he found she also had a suspended driver’s license for unpaid traffic tickets. At the time, Letourneau was ordered to go through a relicensing program, only cops say she never followed through. A warrant for her arrest was issued in the fall, and this week she was nabbed for allegedly driving with a suspended license and failure to appear.

Does this woman have any moral compass at all?

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I mean, if you're depraved enough to rape a 12-year-old, you're obviously not much of a rule follower. And considering she ended up marrying Fualaau when she got out of prison, it's obvious Letourneau is not one for learning from her mistakes either.

But I guess us good citizens always kind of hold out hope that people will figure out they need to straighten up at some point. She does have those two kids to think about (well, and several more with her ex-husband). Shouldn't being a good role model for them be on her mind?

Or has that ship sailed?

Sadly, I think there are some people who just don't see a point in following laws. They're not necessarily psychopaths who will go on murdering sprees, so their "mistakes" may well fly under the radar. But when you've flaunted the law the way Letourneau has, even the smaller things make national headlines ... and out you as a serial offender.

Maybe we should just be surprised it took her this long to land back in trouble?

What do you think of Letournea's latest hijinks?


Image via Washington Corrections Center for Women

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