Man Arrested for Running Over His Kids' Pet Chihuahua on Purpose (VIDEO)

It is astonishing to me what darkness people who look perfectly respectable from the outside can harbor beneath the smiling, normal-seeming exterior. Take Michael David Parker, from Hawthorne, California. Judging by his harmless exterior (minus the shirtless selfie on his Facebook), you wouldn't think him capable of utterly heartless cruelty. But it takes a depraved psycho to allegedly take a helpless pet chihuahua that belongs to your kids and deliberately drive over it, leaving the pup to die in an alleyway. Luckily, surveillance cameras caught it all.


Parker is accused of driving his sedan into an alleyway, getting out of his car, opening and closing his trunk, and then getting back into the car. Seconds later, his chihuahua, Cow Cow, is seen in front of the car. (He appears to have let the dog out of the trunk.)

Parker then backs up his car (there is NO way he wouldn't have been able to see the dog), points straight for the bewildered pooch, and guns his car. The dog desperately tries to jump out of the way, but there's just no time. The man runs straight over him and then speeds off.

The bloody dog lies writhing for a few moments before he stops moving. TRULY DISTURBING TO WATCH. (I forced myself to do it for the sake of the post.)

When he was arrested, Parker admitted to being in the alleyway but said he meant his dog no harm. Hard to argue with video, but sociopaths will do that. Said a cop who investigated the crime:

It's just shocking to see a little animal like that and to see this guy -- you can actually see him drive toward the dog. We come across weird things, strange things, gruesome things, but even to us, to see something like this is shocking."

The dog apparently belonged to him and his wife and kids. Needless to say, his wife, Olga, is now frightened. She told KTLA:

If someone would do that to a dog ... what would he do to my kids.

Olga claims the psycho husband did this in revenge for not getting money from their retirement fund.

This dog DID NOTHING TO THIS PERSON. He trusted him. He probably, god help him, even loved him. This person didn't even care that this dog died alone, in agony. And, scarily, the couple's other dog, Lucky, is reportedly missing!

This is the kind of thing sick sociopaths do and I hope that this horrible person's image is circulated far and wide so that everyone knows who they are dealing with. Including anyone who might want to sell him a dog.

How terrible that these kids will have to know what their dad did to their beloved dog -- and possibly their other one too!

Can you believe anyone would purposely hurt a helpless dog like this?

Image via Hawthorne Police

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