Dad Gets Back-to-Back Life Sentences for Heinous Sex Crimes Against His Own Kids

Remember that awful case that made our stomachs turn that involved a mom and dad having children together for the sole purpose of sexually abusing them? Apparently, Jonathan Adleta told Sarah while they were dating that he was interested in "daddy daughter" sex, and would only marry her if she agreed to produce children for him to molest and rape.

Yeah, that case. The one you can’t forget because it’s just so awful. Sarah was sentenced in October to 54 years in prison for sexually abusing the couple’s young son and daughter, and on Monday Jonathan was condemned to two back-to-back life sentences for his “despicable and egregious” crimes.


Even more despicable? His defense attorney reported tried to use his background as a Marine and Afghanistan vet for lighter sentencing. The judge, who is my hero of the day today, said that he brought “dishonor to the Marine Corps.” Dang straight. He brought dishonor to the entire human race as far as I’m concerned, but especially to those that dedicate themselves to protect and serve.

The couple’s son and daughter, both under age five, are being placed for adoption, but it likely won’t be easy after the abuse they were forced to endure their entire lives. Authorities said that the 4-year-old daughter was so traumatized that she had the developmental capabilities of an 18-month-old. She was removed from at least one foster home for displaying out-of-control sexual behavior.

Leonard Lippy, Adleta’s former father-in-law, has had no contact with his grandchildren, and asked the judge to “make sure [Jonathan] never touches another child again.” After the hearing, he said, “He gets time but it didn’t bring my family back … you’re going to tell me two life sentences makes this right?”

I don’t think anything can make this right. But at least Adleta got the maximum sentence, and I can’t think that any parole boards will be too lenient on him, given the nature of his despicable crimes against his own children.

Do you think Adleta got what he deserved?

Image via Seminole County Sheriff's Office

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