Man Who Slapped Toddler on Plane Gets What He Deserves

Remember the guy who slapped a toddler on a plane? Cray-zay! Who does that? Sure, babies on planes can be mind-bogglingly annoying if they're fussing in your ears. But rarely does anyone resort to slapping. In fact, this might be the only time anyone did. Joe Rickey Hundley pleaded guilty to slapping the baby (reports had it that he also yelled "shut that [n-word] baby up"). It later came out that Hundley was on his way to take his only child off life support and was therefore insane with grief at time. But a judge didn't care about that -- sentencing Hundley today to eight months in prison, which is two months more than prosecutors asked for.


Is this enough time in prison? Well, I tend to think so. Lord only knows I'd probably be in jail as long as the guy if this happened to me, for I can't imagine what I would have done to him. But considering that Hundley's reputation is in shreds, he'll have this on his record for life, he lost his job as president of a company, and he got two months more than the recommended time, it seems like enough.

Part of the reason he got more time is that he had a prior assault on his record -- which I guess isn't too surprising?

On the other hand, with good behavior, he could be out in a few months. Either way, it's a pretty big deal to send a 61-year-old guy to jail. Given that Hundley will be forever known as the guy who slapped a toddler, and any Google search will bring that up, his sentence will basically be forever.

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I can't imagine getting to the boiling point where I'd ever smack a toddler -- but certainly given his grief and his supposed overdose on insulin (according to his lawyer), perhaps he was just not of sane mind.

Hopefully, he is also required to attend some anger management classes.

Do you think this is enough time?


Image via Atlanta Police

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