Man Caught in a Disgusting Act of Abuse With His Roommate's Dog

german shepherdSome people just don't understand that loving a pet SHOULD have limits. A Florida man has been arrested for having sex with his roommate's German Shepherd. It's just beyond sick. The only thing more disturbing than the crime itself was the way his housemates discovered the crime. 


The dog owner had noticed an unexplained behavioral change with the poor pooch. Usually friendly and loving, he had become skittish when approached and often limped. Completely at a loss as to what happened, but clearly suspicious, he set up a nanny cam to find out what the dog was up to during the day when he was gone.

What he discovered after watching the footage was horrifying. His friend and roomie Joshua Werbicki was allegedly having intercourse with the beloved pet. Werbicki was arrested and held on a $2,500 bond. (Not enough if you ask me.) He faces a felony charge of animal cruelty and sexual acts involving animals. Police also said that it may be possible to ban him from owning or living with any type of pet in the future. God, I hope so.

What's even scarier is that if he had done this in another state, he would have gotten off scot-free. This disgusting behavior is perfectly legal in Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, New Hampshire, Vermont, Texas, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming, Montana, Hawaii, Washington, DC, New Jersey, and Alabama. If you are anything like me, you are wondering how can this be? Why in the world would it EVER be legal to have sex with an animal? I don't care how deluded a person may be, a sexual relationship with an animal cannot be consensual. It's abuse, plain and simple. But I suppose it's sad we even need a law to tell people this is wrong.

Have you ever heard of someone having sex with an animal in your state? If so, what happened to them?

Image via Magnuys Brath/Flickr

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