13-Year-Old Charged With Killing Cousin After Video Game Argument

video game controllerEverybody fights with their brothers, sisters, and cousins. Usually, we zoom by these petty squabbles. They are a part of life. But unfortunately, it was this supposedly harmless sort of bickering that led to the death of a teenager in Chicago this weekend. Raymond Galloway was only 16 years old when he was shot to death while he slept. The person responsible for taking his life? His 13-year-old cousin.

I have always gotten along with my siblings. Sure, there was the brief period of time after my sister was born where I became concerned that I had failed in my chief responsibilities toward my parents (being adorable) and that I was being replaced. But even this was fleeting. Your siblings, cousins, and other relatives your age should be your friends. You're the next generation, and as such you should support each other. Even that one cousin who is always claiming that weaving tarantula fur is the wave of the future.


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To make this story worse (because that's possible, if you can believe it), Raymond's cousin apparently shot him because of a fight that the two had while playing video games earlier that day. How could the situation have become so heated that murdering his one-time playmate became a reasonable option? He confessed this detail to the police and has been charged as a minor with first-degree murder.

There's still no word as to how the 13-year-old cousin got access to the weapon. If he hadn't had access to the gun, would he still have attacked his cousin? It's tough to play that sort of speculative game in the light of this tragedy, but it's also tempting. Regardless, because of one stupid fight and a reckless loss of a temper paired with easy access to a gun, two lives have been destroyed.

Have you ever had a fight with a brother, sister, or cousin go from everyday to scary?


Image via Eric Holsinger/Flickr

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