Police Have Three Suspects in Madeleine McCann Disappearance

In an astonishing break in the eight-year-old case of the disappearance of youngster Madeleine McCann, police have identified three new suspects. British police reportedly believe that the three men were operating a burglary ring in the area where Madeleine disappeared and when they happened upon the 3-year-old in the hotel room, they panicked and took her with them. The Daily Mail reports a source saying:

After all the far-fetched theories about what may have happened to Madeleine, there may be a far more simple explanation: that a burglary went horribly wrong.


Scotland Yard has been studying the cell phone records of people making calls in the area of the hotel, Praia de Luz, where Madeleine disappeared on May 3, 2007. They found an unusually high number of calls right after her disappearance by the three unnamed suspects and believe this has to do with Madeleine.

Reportedly, one of the suspects is Portuguese and the other two are not British, therefore they can't be arrested in Portugal. The British are working behind the scenes to get the Portuguese police to cooperate and agree to a joint investigation.

Police also have apparently done more investigating on the men than their cell phone records. They must feel they have enough for an arrest, however, apparently Portuguese police haven't been cooperating.

Police note that shortly before Madeleine's disappearance, these three had burst into another holiday flat for a burglary and had stumbled upon a child alone, but then fled.  Portuguese police had reportedly brushed off the incident as unrelated at the time, which Scotland Yard describes as a "disgrace."

At any rate, Madeleine's parents must be relieved that the case is still being investigated and that police feel they might be hot on the trail of new suspects. The question is, when will these men be brought in for questioning?

And if it turns out these are the men responsible for her disappearance, how mind-bogglingly frustrating that they were known all along.

Do you think the police will ever solve this case?


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