Man Charged With Murder After Mother Drowns Baby During Video Chat

A man has been charged with ordering the murder of his mistress's baby -- over Skype. In the bizarre case, Britain extradited the citizen to Oslo, Norway, to face charges that he masterminded the murder of the baby of a woman he'd been having an online affair with. Reportedly, the baby was dunked in a bucket of water after interrupting a Skype chat between the pair with her cries, and she died a day later. The mother was arrested but blamed the whole thing on Ammaz Qureshi -- who wasn't the father of her baby, but who she claims had been ordering her to abuse the child since they began a relationship.


Other abuse the mother claims Qureshi told her to do over Skype includes spraying the girl in the face with a bottle of water, forcing her to sleep on the floor, and holding her head under running water.

Qureshi, who is married to another woman and has been in jail awaiting trial since 2012, denies trying to kill the girl, but reportedly admitted to authorities that he was talking with the mother about how to "discipline" the child. The mother denies any attempt at premeditated murder, but admits she was abusive.

So here is what this sounds like: Two depraved imbeciles sitting at a computer, thinking up ways to abuse a child. They may not have meant to kill her -- the prosecution obviously believes they did, or at least wants to try them for the greater charge -- but fully admit that they would hold her head under water for some kind of punishment. And then are surprised that she died!

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Authorities will try to prove that neither one was "surprised" and that even the man -- who was in another country -- had a good idea that the little girl would die, and that was his intent.

Horrible that these two cruel fools found each other and manged to keep up a sick relationship that allegedly seemed to center on abusing this baby.

As for the mom, the "he made me do it" excuse does not fly. The moment a man tries to tell you to abuse your baby is the moment you cut off the relationship.

Do you think that the man should have been charged with murder?


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