Woman's Chilling Discovery on the Beach Points to Horrifying Mystery

beach shoeEver been hunting for seashells on the seashore and found something totally bizarre? Well. One woman found a human foot on the beach on Jupiter Island in South Florida. A human foot still in its shoe. Ulp! It was under some sea grass, and the rest of the body is nowhere to be found. In fact, there aren't any missing persons cases in the area. So it's a bit of a mystery -- where is this foot's owner? What happened?


The foot of Peck Lake Beach has been sent to a crime lab where investigators hope to figure out whom it belongs (belonged?) to. There seems to be this assumption that the owner is dead. As gruesome as it seems, the owner could still be alive! But probably not. Police say the foot appears not to have been removed via blunt force. They think it became detached through decomposition. Shudder.

Ugh, either way, it's a horror story. 

And the poor woman who found the foot on the beach ... can you imagine? You see something in the sea grass, you poke at it -- ew, did she TOUCH IT?!? And then it hits you. That's not just a shoe. There's still a human foot inside it. A foot. That used to be attached to a person. OH MY GOD. Talk about footprints in the sand! I'm sorry. That was terrible. I am going to hell for that one.

Anyway, this could end up being one of those mysteries that never gets solved. It's a chilling way to begin the New Year. Then again, start the year finding a severed foot on the beach and chances are pretty good nothing worse than that is going to happen to you for the rest of 2014.

What's the strangest thing you've ever found on a beach?


Image via Caleb Roenigk/Flickr

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