Aunt Gets Horrifying Christmas 'Present' From Nephew She Was Trying to Help

This is the kind of "present" no one wants to receive. A Chicago man is charged with getting his aunt a Christmas Day gift she never asked for -- her boyfriend's head. Alex Valdez had reportedly been living with his aunt and her boyfriend, Silvestre Diaz-Hernandez, with the condition that he work and go to school. But apparently he wasn't doing either, so his aunt asked him to move out. He didn't take that well.


After a night of drinking, Valdez allegedly struck Diaz-Hernandez on the head with a hammer. He then reportedly -- please put down any food before you read this -- decapitated the man and cut off his nose, ears, mouth, and arms, and pulled his eyeballs out.

And if it can possibly get any more disgusting -- the teen then allegedly took the head and placed it on his aunt's bed, "because he wanted to leave his aunt a present," according to prosecutors.

The teen, apparently exhausted from his brutal mutilation, then called 911 on himself.

When police arrived, the teen reportedly admitted to the crime, saying, "Shouldn't you arrest me before you ask me questions? Because I just killed a man, and he's in the basement."

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Horribly, the aunt had been out at a Christmas Eve party when she returned to her apartment and found her boyfriend's head on her bed. But she got lucky in one way: The teen admitted he would have killed his aunt too, except she wasn't home at the time.

How tragic and surreal that this poor aunt had taken him in to help him and only wanted him to go to school, work, and better himself. And this is the thanks she gets.

Have you ever tried to help a troubled family member?


Image via Chicago Police

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