5 Skeevy & Scary Claims About Eliot Spitzer From His Alleged Call Girl

call girl confidential coverAfter being exposed as a patron of high-priced prostitutes, New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's obviously no stranger to scandal. But now he may have to contend with a whole new flood of it, in the wake of a tell-all from a former high-priced call girl named Rebecca Woodard.

Woodward was just 21 when she got pregnant with Spin Doctors rocker Chris Barron. By the time their daughter Isabella was born, Barron had already moved on, but six years later, he picked up Isabella from Woodard’s home and never returned, according to the Daily News. Woodard received court papers weeks later informing her that Barron had filed for custody, and the battle for their daughter got dirty -- and pricey -- fast. Woodward says she ended up turning to notorious Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis to make the kind of money she needed to fight for her daughter. In Woodward's new book, Call Girl Confidential -- written under the pen name Rebecca Kade -- she alleges that Spitzer was one of her clients ...


It bears noting that Spitzer spokeswoman Lisa Linden has slammed Woodard’s story as “a complete fabrication that is unequivocally untrue," and says, "Eliot has no ties whatsoever to the person in question.” But that isn't stopping tongues from clucking about what Woodward had to say about Spitzer's behavior between the sheets. Here, five shocking revelations from her account ...

  1. Woodward alleges that Spitzer was into role-playing and would want to set up an appointment -- and a scenario -- several days ahead of time.
  2. This time around, he wanted to play a martial arts instructor testing his student on what she had learned in her self-defense class.
  3. “The more struggle there was, the more he was into it,” Rebecca Woodard recalls of Spitzer, whom she serviced for $1,500. What's more, there was no ‘safety code word,’ and Spitzer ignored her pleas that he stop, halting the attack only when he was sated, she said.
  4. Things escalated, and Woodward says, "When he grabbed my throat, that was too much. ... That was beyond scary. There was just a moment where you could tell it had flipped and it just got out of control ... It was definitely a moment where you gotta think fast."
  5. She also recalled one more creepy detail: He sweated profusely. So much so that she and a girlfriend would refer to him as "Governor Shvitzer." Ew.

"Hockey Mom" Madam Anna Gristina, for whom Woodward worked later on, was contacted about her take on the former call girl's account by the New York Post and doesn't seem convinced that it's necessarily all true. She said some of the book does appear a bit exaggerated, explaining:

She was worried about losing her kid. ... She was just one of my budget, all-American girls. She only earned $400 an hour. She had no boobs.

Ouch. While it looks like much is up in the air in so far as what's absolutely true ... given Woodward's graphic claims, I'd venture to guess this is one story that isn't just going to disappear anytime soon.

What do you make of Woodward's claims about Eliot Spitzer?


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