Boyfriend Charged in Murder of Pregnant Teen Shot on Christmas

Teenager Eva Casara was tragically shot and killed on Christmas Day. But before she died, she gave her baby girl the amazing gift of life. Casara, who was only 17 years old, left behind a daughter, Lailani Paris

The baby, born 4 months premature, is already the apple of her family's eye. Lailani has definitely inspired the family Eva left behind to go on living. Sadly, she's also a painful reminder of the daughter they lost too soon. 


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The investigation provided police with enough evidence to arrest and charge two unlikely people for their alleged involvement in Eva's death. Eva's boyfriend -- and father to her baby -- 16 year-old Anthony Lee and his older brother, 21 year-old Diante Coakley have been charged with first degree murder. Police are also looking for a third suspect, but haven't released their name as of yet.

While being a young, expectant father is a lot for any teenager, it's baffling to think of what could have driven him to murder. We can only speculate. Did he feel that he was trapped and cornered? Did he and Eva have a fight? Why was his brother involved? Whatever the reason, there's no excuse. Now the chances are high that his daughter will never know her father, in addition to having her mother taken from her. It's a sad story for everyone, but especially for that poor little girl. 

If he is found guilty, do you think Lee is still entitled to a relationship with his daughter?


Image via Dolton Police Department

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