4 Dead After Murder-Suicide Shooting Rampage in Louisiana

Ben Freeman was found dead in his car Thursday night from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, after allegedly going on a killing spree that resulted in the deaths of three others and left three more wounded.

It appears that Freeman was rather disgruntled. He is the prime suspect in the death of his current wife, Denise Freeman, who was found suffocated and drowned in the bathtub in the home they shared late Thursday night.


Authorities say that Freeman targeted his former in-laws, Councilman Louis Philip Gouaux and his wife Susan Gouaux, and their daughter Andrea. The wife, who was also known as Pixie, was shot to death, and dad and daughter were wounded but are in stable condition at a local hospital.

Freeman was married to another daughter, Jeanne, with whom he shares four children. She had filed several harassment charges against Freeman, who pleaded guilty, and he was allowed only supervised visitation with the children.

After attacking his former in-laws, Freeman moved on to the home of Milton Bourgeois, the administrator of a hospital where he had worked as a nurse before being fired in 2011. Bourgeois was shot dead at close range, and his wife was shot in the leg, but is in stable condition at a New Orleans hospital.

During the hours-long search for Freeman, three hospitals where he had worked in the past were placed on lockdown. Clearly the man had some issues.

What a tragedy.

Have you ever had to file a protective order against someone?


Image via plasticsturgeon/Flickr

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