Bride Arrested in Fiance's Stabbing Clearly Took Wedding Plans Too Seriously (VIDEO)

Planning a wedding can drive you crazy. It is stressful, anxiety-producing, and taps your emotional, financial, and energy reserves. Christmas does basically the same thing. So those of you planning a Christmas wedding are just, like, taking your life in your hands! So discovered a man in South Carolina, who got into an argument with his fiancee over the color scheme for their nuptials. It ended with her stabbing him on Christmas Day.


Bride-to-be 36-year-old Krista James allegedly stabbed the victim after he tried to leave the house following a verbal altercation over their wedding color scheme. That's really bizarre! Also bizarre? That a man cares about the wedding color scheme. Maybe he was just yelling, "Shut up about the damn color scheme! I'm a guy; I don't care!"

Luckily, the man survived the stabbing and is expected to recover. The woman has been arrested and charged with taking my wedding way too freaking seriously. No, really, she was charged with criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. Which is another way of saying taking my wedding way too freaking seriously.

Of course, chances are that this wasn't just about the color scheme. This couple probably had serious issues from day one. They probably thought agreeing on the color scheme would make those issues go away. But they couldn't agree on the color scheme either!

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Look, these two really should not be getting married. I foresee a very scary honeymoon. I wouldn't want to be around when he wants to snorkel and she wants to bike ride.

Talk about weird things couples do on Christmas Day. And stabbing each other was one of them. So I can add this couple to next year's list.

But to them, I say: Get thee some counseling -- and some anger management classes. But put off the marriage. Or preferably cancel the whole shebang. Call me jaded, but a stabbing right before the wedding is a red flag.

As for your wedding colors, can't really go wrong with beige and white.

Did you argue leading up to your wedding?


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Image via Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center

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