Teenager Charged in Mom's Grisly Christmas Eve Murder

William AydelottThe violent death of a middle school teacher in Florida on Christmas Eve has landed a 17-year-old in police custody, and the baseball player isn't just any student. Police say Sharon Aydelott was murdered by her own teenage son in an altercation on the holiday. William Brandon Aydelott has been charged with premeditated murder after police found a grisly scene at his mother's home.

And I do mean grisly. The descriptions of the Aydelott home will turn your stomach, and it's hard to think of anyone that young having done something this depraved or for something this awful to have happened over the Christmas holiday, of all times.


Police in Gulf Breeze, Florida, say Sharon was found with a kitchen knife sticking out of her eye socket. She'd been beaten with a baseball bat, stabbed multiple times, and her throat had been slashed.

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Cops have not released a motive, although the science teacher had reportedly kicked William out of the house recently, indicating there was some family trouble that predated an alleged Christmas Eve argument.

It probably didn't help that emotions always run high at the holidays. As much as we all like to think of this as the happiest season, crime tends to have an up-swing this time of year. Typically it's robberies and burglaries that occur as people leave their homes unattended for longer periods of time or carry large amounts of cash to shop, but domestic incidents often spike this time of year too.

No doubt the stress of the holidays combined with family members who don't necessarily like each other that much getting together is to blame.

Sadly, sometimes it would safer for families to forgo the whole "it's the holidays, we must get together" shtick ... getting together isn't always the best thing when tensions are high.

My heart goes out to the rest of the Aydelott family as they try to pick up the pieces after this holiday tragedy.

Have you ever seen family strife turn violent around the holidays? What do you do with your family for the holiday?


Image via police

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