Thief Gets Robbed Right After He Robs Bank & the World Slow-Claps

robberThere is nothing I hate more than people going overboard when talking about karmic retribution. You did not drop that ice cream cone into the gutter because you told your friend you couldn't hang out. Karma does not work that way. How does karma work? It's one of those things you know when you see it.

Just ask Texas-based bank robber Larry Poulos. The dude sauntered into a local bank and scrawled the word 'bomb' on the back of a deposit slip. The teller was confused for a little bit before she realized this was a bank robber. We don't blame her. Poulos' message wasn't exactly clear. I would've been like, "Sir, you can't deposit a bomb," so I feel where the lady was coming from.  


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Eventually, however, the bank teller figured out what Poulus wanted and handed over the cash. Too bad Larry didn't think really any of this through. His image was not only caught on surveillance tape (nice I <3 Texas shirt, dude), but several folks called police when they saw him dashing down the street on foot, leaving a trail of dollar bills behind him. It's like Hansel & Gretel. As told by Donald Trump.

When police figured out it was Poulos they were after (it took them all of five minutes to suss out the criminal mastermind's plan), they showed up at his door to find him bleeding and outraged. Apparently right after he got home, two guys showed up ... and robbed him. Now we can all say it:


Just when it looked like things couldn't worse for Poulos, his roommate told cops that his buddy had been talking about robbing a bank for weeks. This is why you always pay your rent on time or do your dishes. So that your roommate won't narc you out should you commit a major felony. Larry was promptly arrested. One less hapless criminal off the streets. My only concern is where his novelty t-shirt is now. I <3 novelty t-shirts.

Larry's roommate now has quite the story to tell. What's the wackiest thing a roommate of yours has ever done?

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