Man Charged With Killing Baby for Crying During Football Game

Tre'Viance WalkerA man is facing first-degree murder charges, and a mother will spend this Christmas without her baby. Cops say Tre'viance Markese Walker was frustrated that he'd lost $200 on a football game, and his girlfriend's baby was crying. So they say he killed the baby.

Over $200. And a football game.

Did he ever stop to think that as much as that $200 and that game meant to him, this little boy meant even more to his girlfriend? To the world?


The sad case comes out of Oklahoma, where the University of Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State football game was on TV when a 5-month-old identified only as J.B. did what babies do -- he cried. Police say Walker, who is not the boy's father but was dating J.B.'s mother, picked the baby up, gripped him by the back of the head, and dropped him from a height of two feet.

The baby was later found unresponsive in his playpen with head trauma and blood in his ear. He died at the hospital.

What's staggering about this case is the sheer selfishness of the alleged killer. He cared more about a stupid football game (yes, I said stupid ... it's a GAME) than the life of a human being?

I'm a mom, so I do know how frustrating it can get when a baby is crying and you are trying to concentrate on something. But we have advantages these days like never before that make parents' lives easier. Technology allows us to pause live TV! You can stop to comfort a crying baby without missing a moment of your football game ... that is if you prioritize the needs of the human being over something as trivial as a football game.

What do you think the punishment should be in this case?


Image via police

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