Man On House Arrest Allegedly Ditched Monitor to Commit Heinous Crime

A Mississippi man was supposed to be on house arrest, after serving only four months of a five-year prison sentence for drug violations and assaulting a police officer. He completed drug and alcohol rehab, and was confined to his home with one of those monitoring bracelets for the remainder of his sentence.

Apparently it didn’t work, as the man, James Harold Smith, allegedly escaped to kidnap two young boys, sexually assault them, and slit one of their throats. Ugh! Smith is being held on a $3.5 million bond on charges of attempted murder, sexual battery, kidnapping, and resisting arrest.


Thankfully, the boy that was stabbed in the neck is in stable condition at the University of South Alabama Hospital.

The Sheriff’s Office made a statement saying that the boys, ages 5 and 8, were abducted late Wednesday afternoon, and found later that same day at Smith’s mobile home in a neighboring county. They were rescued after the older boy was cut, and bleeding heavily, still managed to escape and find help at a nearby home.

Smith tried to drive off with the younger boy as emergency vehicles showed up, but his car was blocked. He abandoned it and the kid and fled on foot before being caught by police and arrested.

Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam said, “no bracelet was seen by me,” referring to the monitoring bracelet that Smith was supposed to be wearing as part of his house arrest.

Yeah, those things don’t work for tracking purposes unless you wear them.

In addition to the charges connected with this crime, the Corrections Department wanted him held for allegedly violating the terms of his probation. Even if he comes up with the $3.5 million, he won’t be released prior to his court appearance.

Do you think house arrest is a viable alternative to prison for some criminals?

Image via Keith Allison/Flickr

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