Armed Robber No Match for Passengers Who Take Him Down (VIDEO)

gunI use public transportation every single day of the week. For the most part, I ride with different people each time. Though there are a few familiar faces. With so many people coming and going and all of us so caught up in our lives and affairs, I often wonder if the people around me would band together or just look after themselves in the face of something bad erupting while we all rode the train together. 

It warmed the cockles of my ice-cold Grinch-sized heart today to read about a group of commuters who came together to do the right thing in the face of extreme danger. Nothing like a tale of human beings doing right by each other to make everything seem more joyous this holiday season. 


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What happened on this bus full of commuters was like something out of a movie. When 19-year-old would-be robber Travonnte Brown boarded this car with a revolver at his side, he thought he'd have no trouble getting those on the train to offer up their belongings to him. He didn't expect one passenger to react so quickly and with such force that soon he'd find himself arrested.

You have to watch the video. It's pretty insane. The man who first apprehends Brown doesn't scream or try to flee -- HE HITS THE GUN AWAY. Basically this guy is Jason Bourne. The man, ID'ed only as Joshua, eventually gets Brown to the ground. When it looks like he's going to get free and harm someone, the rest of the train helps Joshua keep the guy down until the police arrive!

It's pretty phenomenal to be reminded of the power human beings have when we band together for good. All it took in this case was the bravery of one average Joe (who might want to think about not being so cellphone-obsessed on the train) to inspire all of his fellow passengers to action. Still, we bet more than a few of them will be taking the bus for a while. 

Do you think you'd help or flee in this situation? I'm kind of on the fence!


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