Most Cowardly Thieves Ever Rob Man Who Has No Arms

moneyAnd the award for Most Cowardly Criminals goes to ... the two Florida thieves who robbed an armless man. You read that correctly, a man with no arms. The details of the robbery prove how truly despicable some of our fellow human beings can be.


Born without arms, Havalah Pitts was not able to defend himself when Oliver Bozeman and Courtney Edge attacked. They took $300 from his pockets before making their getaway. The crime took place in October but cops were just able to track the suspects down this week. They were charged with robbery and abuse to an elderly or disabled adult without great harm. "It was a vile act, a new low for criminals," said a sheriff's spokesman. That's an understatement.

This crime is cruel on so many levels. There should be some code -- even among thieves. Limbless victims are off-limits, along with babies, pregnant women, the elderly, and the ill. Actually, here is a revolutionary thought -- how about not committing any crime at all. How about getting a job and earning your own money. I know that sounds idealistic, but I am just so sick of hearing about these low-lifes preying on people who can't defend themselves.

I am sure that Bozeman and Edge have their own hard-luck story, but that doesn't give them the right to take from others. According to Florida's Sun Sentinel, Bozeman has another pending case. I just hope the judge throws the book at this pair. Perhaps if we can't eliminate this kind of crime, maybe we can encourage these predators to pick on less defenseless victims.

Do you think the crime was worse because of the physical condition of the victim?


Image via Virgo Productions/Corbis

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