Teen Charged With Murdering Toddler of Woman Who Rescued Her From Streets

arrested handcuffsThey say it pays to be the better person, but does it? Does it always? I'm not advocating we all run out and wreak havoc here folks, but I just heard that a toddler was killed and cops have arrested his babysitter ... a babysitter who was homeless until 2-year-old Kayden Webb's mother rescued her off the streets.

So, let me get this straight. Someone opens their heart to you, goes out of their way to rescue you from a desperate situation, and you turn around and MURDER THEIR 2-YEAR-OLD?


Is it any wonder people are afraid to do for others in our society? That some people will see a homeless person and turn the other way? A few weeks ago there was a story of a little girl who went missing in Oregon only to be found with a friend of the family who is now charged with raping her. That man? He was homeless too, and the young girl's family had invited him in for Thanksgiving dinner.

I should be careful to note that this isn't about homeless people per se. There are plenty of homeless people who are good people at heart; they're simply down on their luck for one reason or another.

The issues that the murder of Kayden Webb, the abduction of that Oregon girl, bring to light is the risk in being a Good Samaritan. Most of the time you walk away feeling fulfilled because you know you did something good for another person. But then there are those other times ... when you find out that the check you just sent to help cover a child's cancer treatments was actually sent to a hoaxster, when you watch someone take the money you gave them for food and walk into a liquor store to buy a bottle, or worse.

And by worse, I mean, well ... the 17-year-old girl Kayden Webb's mom rescued from the streets is now charged with first-degree murder in the death of her little boy.

If it's true, this girl looked human kindness right in the eye and spit. She hurt the very person who was trying to help her.

Have you ever been hurt by someone you were trying to help?


Image via Rafe Swan/cultura/Corbis

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