Casey Anthony Is Let Off the Hook Yet Again in Bankruptcy Court

Casey AnthonyCasey Anthony is probably one of the most notorious and hated people in this country. The latest news that she will be forgiven of all her debts isn't likely to earn her any more fans. Anthony filed for bankruptcy in Florida recently, claiming $1,000 in assets and more than $792,000 in liabilities (mostly legal bills). And now she won't owe any of it back.

The bankruptcy judge discharged most of what she owes except for those related to student loans or criminal fines. The end. And just like that, Anthony, who was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee and was acquitted in 2011, is free again.


The Anthony trial was absolutely maddening for many of those watching, but some argued that in that case, the prosecution simply didn't prove their case. Whatever you believe about that, it's clear that, at least here, THIS was money she actually owed. Money she should have paid back. Why should she get off when people who have had more money than her have been financially ruined by similar things?

The whole way bankruptcy works is pretty insane anyway. It's bizarre to have a system where people can live outside their means for years and then somehow be "forgiven" and not expected to pay back what they owe.

In Anthony's case, obviously these are legal fees for something she was acquitted of doing, but still, it seems like she ought to find a way to pay that back. Now she never will.

For many, this will be just another example of Anthony getting away with everything. Why is she made of Teflon? Why can nothing stick? She is clearly not a wealthy celebrity or someone who can hire a fancy legal team to get her off of charges. So what gives? Why this woman?

It just seems really awful to let her off once again. Is there nothing this woman can be held accountable for?

Do you think forgiving her debts is fair? 


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