Rock Star Gets 29-Year Sentence for Twisted Child Sex Crimes He Thought Were Funny

Ian WatkinsFans of the popular Welsh band Lostprophets were shocked and appalled when its charismatic lead singer pleaded guilty to a host of sexual crimes against children. Watkins was accused of a series of depraved acts against babies and children, including attempted rape. Additionally, two adoring fans who were also mothers were accused of letting Watkins have his way with their children in order to have relationships with him. Today, Watkins was sentenced to 29 years in prison. The moms, who are not named, were sentenced to 17 and 19 years.


Watkins was convicted of sexually touching a groupie's 11-month-old baby, then trying to have sex with her. He also encouraged another mom to sexually abuse her child over Skype, and reportedly had child pornography, some of which he made himself. His computer also reportedly contained photos of bestiality.

Watkins reportedly "shook uncontrollably" while being sentenced, so perhaps this is all sinking in that this isn't a game. Previously, Watkins didn't seem to take things very seriously, telling a female fan from prison:

I'm going to put out a statement on the 18th just to say it was mega lolz. I do not know what everybody is getting so freaked out about. It’s so hard. There is a lot of f****** bulls*** chat I did to shock when I was off my head. There was no medical evidence. I’m not a paedophile, I’m not. You know I’ve plead guilty just to avoid a trial. I would never harm anybody.

I think Ian Watkins was so accustomed to having adoring fans put up with his behavior that he began to minimize it as a big "lolz" in his own mind. If he had pics of child porn on his computer, then this wasn't a big joke. And how is abusing babies "funny" anyway?

Speaking of adoring fans, what about the moms who allowed Ian to sway them to the point of doing the worst thing you can do to your own child short of killing him or her? Should they have received less prison time than Watkins?

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Considering that it is the parents' duty to protect their children -- not Watkins' duty -- it seems like they are the ones who broke a sacred trust and bond, not Watkins. If they had fallen under the sway of some big time rock star, who knows if they would have let some grungy unemployed boyfriends do the same.

One of the mom's lawyers said of her:

She sacrificed her moral compass so she could sustain the relationship. She was frightened of losing him.

You don't sacrifice your moral compass regarding your children for some man! Disgusting.

The judge had some choice words for Watkins, saying:

You had many fawning fans. That gave you power. You knew you could use that power to induce young female fans to help satisfy your insatiable lust and take part in the sexual abuse of their own children. I am satisfied that you are a deeply corrupting influence, you are highly manipulative, you are a sexual predator, you are dangerous. The public and, in particular, young females need protection from you.

Watkins will have to serve at least 20 years of his sentence. That's enough time for the adoration and drug highs to wear off and for him to seriously contemplate his crimes.

As for the moms, the fog of idolization will also wear off, and soon they will hopefully realize that this man wasn't at all worth abusing their children.

There is little doubt that while Watkins may not have committed the types of barbaric sexual abuse that you hear about so often -- he was a dangerous, manipulative, arrogant predator. He even admitted that if he hadn't have been arrested when he did, he would have escalated his crimes.

Whether it was drugs or child abuse or just plain sociopathy that was behind Watkins' behavior, he couldn't be left to run around seducing more idiotic moms into abusing their babies.

Do you think the moms deserved more time?

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