Father Finally Confesses He Stabbed His 3-Year-Old Son to Death for No Reason

Jeremy Brent Cramer, who was accused of murdering his 3-year-old son for no reason he could articulate, has pleaded guilty. The Washington man has confessed to killing his little boy, Broderick, in a field in Montana. Previously, he had pleaded not guilty, but told the judge he decided to plead guilty because his sentence doesn't matter since his son is dead. He chillingly told the court:

I purposely killed my son. After a few months of thinking about it, I'm taking accountability for it. Whether it's 8 years or 80 years, my son's not here. I just want to get this over.

I guess we should at least give this man some "credit" (a very difficult word to use in this scenario) for admitting the truth and saving the taxpayers money for a trial.


The facts in this case are mind-blowing. Jeremy described his son as his "best friend" and was carrying him on his shoulders down a country road after his car ran out of gas when he suddenly and inexplicably decided to stab him and beat him with rocks to death.

Although Jeremy has always contended that the murder just happened, and he "doesn't know why" and has hinted that he was taking too much Adderall at the time -- one wonders why he had a knife on him. But since there will be no trial, we'll never know if the murder was premeditated. Jeremy was also estranged from the boy's mother, though there's no word on whether a revenge motive was ever floated.

All we know is that Jeremy has confessed to the crime. And that he said he felt like Broderick became "like some other kid when he was on my neck," as Jeremy carried him. In a jail house phone call with his father, he reportedly said, "The thing was, it wasn't like I had a few beers or it was like something was up inside. Why did I take all my pills? Did I take all my pills?"

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It's possible Jeremy had a psychotic break of some kind. It's also possible he's a cold-blooded killer who would sooner see his son dead than have his wife share him. We'll probably never know now unless Jeremy tells us more.

But at least he has faced up to what he did. I'm not sure there is any punishment that could make up for what he did -- an innocent, trusting, loving soul was brutally murdered by his parent, the person who was supposed to protect him.

Jeremy Cramer will live with that knowledge for the rest of his life.

What do you think happened?

Image via Montana Police

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