5-Year-Old Gone for 3 Months Before Anyone Reported Him Missing

Jeremiah OliverA 5-year-old boy from Massachusetts was missing for three months before his mother and her boyfriend reported him missing. Now Elsa Oliver (the boy's mother) and her boyfriend, Alberto L. Sierra, have been charged in the disappearance of Jeremiah Oliver, but no one knows where the little boy may be. It's a horrifying story with shades of Casey Anthony.

Sierra was charged with attacking Jeremiah and one of his younger siblings with a knife, and the mother was charged as an accessory after the fact to the attacks and two counts of reckless endangerment of a child. The last time anyone in the family saw Jeremiah Oliver, who is described as being 40 inches tall and weighing about 40 pounds, was September 14. SEPTEMBER 14?!

My heart breaks for this tiny child.


Apparently no authorities were notified of his disappearance until last Friday when his school finally reported it. It's unclear why they hadn't reported it earlier.

It's easy to jump to conclusions and blame the school, but without knowledge of what his mother had been telling the school, we just don't have the full story. What is clear is that a small child is gone and no one noticed. As the mom of a 5-year-old boy myself, my heart just aches.

How could a mother not be worried sick about her missing son? How could she not report it? She was ordered to produce the child by Monday, and when she couldn't, then she was in trouble, too. It doesn't bode well. That poor, poor child.

Two other children were also removed from the home. Sometimes it's truly sad to think about the many people out there who want babies and can't have them and then to know that there are people who treat their babies like this. There are just no words.

Why do you think he wasn't reported missing for so long?


Image via Fitchburg Police

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