School Shooting Victim Might Have Been Trying To Stop Gunman

Claire DavisColorado is still reeling after last week's school shooting brought back unwelcome reminders of the past. When high school student Karl Pierson stormed Arapahoe High School on Friday, he fired a total eighteen rounds before taking his own life. His intended target was thought to be a Librarian and coach of the school's debate team, against whom he was holding a grudge.

However, Claire Davis, a seemingly random target, was caught in the crossfire. The 17 year old was struck in the head, and remains today in the hospital in critical condition. Though the thoughts and prayers of many are with Davis and her family, her father recently said that Davis is "not doing well." This is all the more gut-wrenching given a new revelation that implies Davis might have been more involved than anyone thought.


Students who were inside the school during the shooting have spoken to Davis's heroic actions. It turns out that she might have gotten in between Pierson and his other targets, in a bid to keep him from killing anyone else. If this is true, it's an act of bravery that is absolutely astounding from anyone -- let alone from someone so you.

Can you imagine looking down the barrel of a gun? I think the instinct most of us would have is to flee and save our own skin. From the sounds of it, Claire Davis had no intention of running away. She put herself in harm's way with tremendous consequences in the hopes of saving the lives of her teachers and classmates.

How far would you be willing to go to save your friends in this sort of situation?

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