'Christmas Grinch's' 70-Year Prison Sentence Couldn't Be Any Grinchier (VIDEO)

A woman has been sentenced to 70 years in prison for stealing power tools. Think about that. A teen was just let go with no prison time for killing four people in a drunk driving accident because he had "affluenza" and his wealthy parents never taught him right from wrong. Other people routinely get less time for much greater offenses. So how on Earth does a woman get what is essentially going to be life in prison for stealing power tools? Well, it certainly didn't help that she was known as the "Christmas Grinch."


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Dana Brock, a 44-year-old from Parker County, Texas, had been caught on surveillance video last December stealing Christmas lights from outside of a family's home while they slept. In May, video cam caught her entering a family's garage and helping herself to various power tools.

This crime would have normally got her two to 25 years for "burglary of a habitation," but the jury was also shown her "Christmas Grinch" video.

Additionally, Brock has a colorful criminal history that included solicitation to commit murder, which she was convicted for at 17 years old, credit card abuse, injury to a child, theft, assault, and drug possession.

Due to the state's "three strikes" law, her prison sentenced was lengthened.

The jury took only five minutes to convict her. The prosecutor admits the Christmas Grinch video probably sealed her fate, saying, "When you're known as the Christmas Grinch, people do remember you."

Brock was apparently astonished at the sentence, and kept asking her attorney, "70 years? Are you serious? 70 years?"

On the one hand, Brock seems to be one of those die-hard petty criminal types who is just never going to learn her lesson. Even if you gave her a good job with salary and benefits, she'd probably steal from the office, and from whomever else she came across. Call it sociopathy, call it what you will, I don't see a woman like Brock learning how to live by the rules we have to live by. And who knows if her crimes might escalate.

On the other hand, let's face it, when other people get much less time for far greater crimes, it's seems like the justice system is just a big crap shoot. It's hard to feel sorry for Brock though. I don't know her life, and I don't know why she's like this. Did she grow up poor, abused? Too rich to know right from wrong, like the teen with "affluenza"? Did she get hit on the head and just can't figure out how to control herself? What?

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But you look at some celebrities who have been arrested over and over for nonviolent crimes ... Lindsay Lohan and Jenelle Evans come to mind ... and they've hardly spent any time in jail.

This is a very harsh sentence -- but it also might be harsh karma. Brock was determined to live the life of a criminal. And the Grinch eventually had to pay.

Do you think this sentence was fair?



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