Husband Fatally Shot In Front of Wife During Christmas Shopping Trip

What an absolutely awful story. A horrific carjacking incident took place in the parking garage of an upscale shopping mall in New Jersey Sunday night. A married couple had taken advantage of the mall's late holiday hours and were getting into their car when two men approached them and demanded they give up their vehicle. The man reportedly put up a fight and was shot dead -- right in front of his wife.


The heartless criminals didn't hurt the man's wife, but left her stranded with her dead husband -- who had been shot in the head. They took off in the couple's 2012 Range Rover, which, as of Monday morning, police still haven't found. As far as cops know, this wasn't a personal crime. It was a random, senseless act of violence that has left a family destroyed one week before the holidays.

Truly disgusting.

There's something wonderful, and maybe misleading, about this time of the year that makes many of us feel warm inside -- that creates in us an assumption that everyone is in better spirits than usual and open to exhibiting just a little more kindness. The last thing we would expect on a shopping trip to pick up last-minute Christmas gifts is for someone to try and hurt us. 

This story serves as a sad reminder that we have to keep our eyes open at all times, and especially at shopping centers, which seem to be a location where all kinds of nut jobs are unleashing their anger and violent tendencies this season. And please, please just give criminals what they demand. No item big or small is worth a life.

Our hearts go out to the young woman who lost her husband and to his grieving family members. 

Are you more careful than usual during the holiday season? 


Image via Gaby Av/Flickr

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