2 Teens Injured in Colorado School Shooting 1 Day Before Sandy Hook Shooting Anniversary

police tapeThis has to be the one story we dreaded hearing about so close to the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings. A high school shooting in Colorado injured at least one person and left the gunman dead this afternoon. Sheriff Grayson Robinson reports that the shooter died of an apparent self-inflicted wound, though an autopsy and investigation will have to confirm that. The dead gunman was a male student at the school. 

The shooting took place at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado, not far from Columbine High School, the setting for another horrific school shooting. At least one teenager has been rushed to Littleton Adventist Hospital with a critical gunshot wound. A second teenager is reported to have minor injuries. Sheriff Robinson says, ""We have not been able to locate a second suspect, but that's part of our ongoing investigation." Neither the gunman nor the injured students have been identified at this point.


At about 1:30 p.m. students were seen calmly filing out of Arapahoe High School with their hands on their heads. Police appeared to be patting down the students. All the schools in the area were put in lockdown. There were also reports of a fire in the school. Sheriff Robinson says the shooter "targeted a specific teacher that he was interested in confronting," but did not injure that teacher.

In addition to being close to Columbine High School, Arapaho High is also close to another suburb of Denver, Aurora, where a mass shooting at a movie theatre took place last year.

As horrifying as this news is, as much as we were hoping not to hear of any shootings of any sort so close to the anniversary of Sandy Hook Elementary's tragedy, there is one tiny flicker of relief. At least it looks like the number of casualties is low. One casualty is too many, without a doubt. But I am glad this does not appear to be a mass shooting. Of course, we have yet to hear the full details. That could change.

We send our thoughts to all the families in the area. I can imagine the terror students and parents must have felt this afternoon. Our hearts go out especially to the families of the victims. 

Were you worried that there would be a school shooting close to the anniversary of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings?


Image via Robert Couse-Baker/Flickr

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