Ashes of Man's Late Wife Stolen in Cruel Car Wash Hoax (VIDEO)

melvin hayesThere's depressing, and then there's this. An 80-year-old man was on his way to take his late wife's ashes to a priest to be blessed when his car was stolen, leaving him both carless and ashless. Melvin Hayes had stopped at a car wash on his way to see the priest when a woman approached him and hugged him before she striking up a conversation with him. The woman asked him if he had change for the soda machine, and after he graciously handed her the money, she disappeared and likely stole his car (and urn) by handing the clerk his ticket. Hayes, understandably, is heartbroken over the fact that the urn is missing. He doesn't care about the car; the man just wants his wife back!


Hayes and his wife were married for 50 years, and he was crushed when he lost her. When talking to a local news station he Hayes said, "Someone could dump my wife’s ashes in the Sacramento River, or dumpster, or down the sewer. I don’t want that to happen to my wife’s ashes." He, sadly, added, "Nothing else matters. I just want to get my wife's ashes back." Ugh. Heartbreaking. Could you imagine going through the grief of losing someone and then having their ashes stolen before you got to properly honor them?

Not that what she did was right by any means, but I doubt the woman who stole Hayes' car knew there was an urn with ashes in the back. So maybe, by some small chance, if she has a shred of humanity in her, she'll find a way to return Hayes' wife's remains to him, where they rightfully should be. If not, guess she'll just have karma to deal with. And karma for stealing a car and somebody's ashes has to be a bitch.

Do you think the thief will somehow get Hayes' ashes back to him?


Image via NewsyHub/YouTube

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