Librarian Arrested for Taping Students' Activities in Restrooms & Sharing

seth thompson mugshotAs a society we all depend on a certain degree of privacy in our public restrooms, even though they are "public." I mean, civilization would probably collapse if suddenly we felt like we could no longer take care of business privately while away from home, right? Oh well, so much for civilization. Seth Thompson, former librarian at Florida Atlantic University, has been arrested for filming students urinating and masturbating in the university's restrooms and then posting those videos on the Internet.

That's right -- it wasn't enough that Thompson peeped with his own eyes. Nope, he had to SHARE. And guess how he got caught? A student happened to come across a video of himself urinating online. So that was probably horrifying.


According to police documents, Thompson says he started his little film project when he noticed other similar videos on porn sites. That planted a little ideer in his head: Why, people like watching unsuspecting strangers urinating and masturbating. OMG, we haz voyeurz. I should enable some of that! And so he did.

At least it was just the men he targeted. I don't know why that's better, but it is. (Because I'm a woman, that's why.) We women know better than to tickle the keys in a public restroom anyway. I mean, why would you ever... ??? Men. There are just some things about them I will never understand.

Anyway, now there's one fewer perv on the loose. But that's small comfort. Before today I was using public restrooms feeling secure in my privacy. Now THIS story is lodged in my brain and I'm going to feel slightly less secure next time. Ugh, thanks, Seth Thompsons of the world. Thank you for that.

How private do you really feel in public restrooms?



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