Pedophile Tries to Rob Bank for His 'Hungry Kids'

A would-be bank robber was hoping to have an easier time getting some cash after he passed a note to the teller saying, "Sorry, but this is a robbery. Please. My kids are hungry." This being the holidays and all, a note like that really pulls on the heartstrings. Surely, this poor dad probably couldn't find work and this was his absolute last resort. Not that that excuses it, but who wouldn't take to crime if they absolutely had to to feed their kids? But the bank teller wasn't moved -- and refused to hand over the cash.


Once the "sad dad" realized he wasn't going to get any money, he fled the premises.

Only the Seattle man, Steven Cobbs, Sr., was reportedly full of it. No word on whether he actually does have kids, but even if he does, this isn't why he was robbing a bank. Police say he has a long criminal record -- and some of those crimes even involve violence against children. He was convicted of child rape, and has three convictions of child molestation. So this isn't a man who cares so much about kids that he's willing to rob a bank for them.

He also has domestic violence, hit and run, DUI, and other crimes in his history.

Given his long criminal history, if he is convicted on the latest charges, it will be his "third strike" and he could likely face life in prison.

If he wasn't already facing life, I'd say tack on some extra time for using this hungry child ruse. Not only was he preying on a bank teller's fear, but on his or her heartstrings.

This is the type of parasite who will go around telling anyone anything. Using hungry kids -- of which there are millions of REAL ones out there -- as an excuse for your depraved crimes a huge indicator this guy is a stone-cold sociopath who is never going to get better.

Do you think he should get extra time for that note?


Image via Jolly UK/Flickr

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