Newlywed Admits in Court That She 'Pushed' New Husband & 'Took Off'

newlywed murderLast summer Jordan Graham was a newlywed wife, poised for a beautiful life with her brand new husband. Now he is dead and just a scant few months later, she is on trial, charged with pushing her husband over a cliff to his death. It's a horrifying case that gets more and more so as each day goes on.

On Wednesday, the jury heard a recording by Graham that was made last July. She says, "I pushed him and I took off" in regards to the death of her 25-year-old husband Cody Johnson. In addition, experts say Johnson had an eight-inch fracture on his forehead and wasn't wearing a wedding ring when he was found. 

Prosecutors are trying to prove that Graham was led to this act by "wedding blues" and that she was simply not ready to be married and was driven to kill because of it. No matter what you think, her words are pretty chilling.


There are many questions still left in the tragic death of Johnson, but it's hard to imagine that a 22-year-old with no children would see the idea of divorce as so hopeless, she intentionally made herself a widow.

But she is admitting to the push. She just claims it was in self-defense and that he accidentally fell after she removed his arm from hers during an argument. She admits they were fighting and that they had gone to Glacier National Park to try to resolve it, but she doesn't admit she intentionally killed him. She said:

It was a quick thing, I just wanted to get him off me. I don't feel like I killed him; I mean I pushed him, but it was an accident.

It's a very sad case, but if she did intentionally kill him, she deserves maximum prosecution. How could anyone think that was a good solution to her issues?

Perhaps the most troubling part of all this is that she went home and reported him missing and never revealed what she knew. Why would an innocent woman do such a thing?

Do you think she committed this crime? 


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